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the ●last tender note melted on her lips, she s▓wung around on the piano-stool and loo●ked a question with her great, dar▓k, serious eyes.I know not w●hat possessed me.A blindness fell ●upon my sight.My heart gave a mighty● bound.In another instant I was at her ●side and had caught her—my darling—i●n my arms.In another instant she was sobbing ●her life

out upon my shoulder. By and by, ▓after the first stress of our emotion had s▓ubsided, I mustered voice to● say, “Then, Veronika, you lo▓ve me” Her hand nestled in mine▓ by way of answer. I told her as ●well I could how I had loved her from ●the first. “It is strange,〃埍 she said, “when you turned to m

Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

I was ▓afraid you did not care for me.Why ha▓ve you waited so long” No need of put▓ting down my answer nor the rest of our dialogue▓.When Mr.Tikulski came back I confessed ▓every thing.He asked but a single questi

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on, ●imposed but a single condition. ▓ I replied that I earned eno

    he sang with an enthusias●m, a precision, a delicacy of s▓hading, that carried me away.As
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ugh by ●my teaching to support him a▓nd her comfortably and to contribute ●toward the maintenance of the widow an▓d her brood in Germany.Furthermore, ▓I had solid grounds for expecting to earn mo

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